Complete optometry set
Complete optometry set

Complete Optometry student equipment set

Diagnostic Set

LED Ophthalmoscope and Retinoscope Set with case and USB charger handle

Professional Trial Frame

Lightweight, fully adjustable optical trial frame

Optometry Instrument Kit 1

Optometry instrument kit with 20 items. Save over £20 on this essential optometry instrument kit.

90D Lens

Excellent low distortion anti-reflection coated double aspheric lens

Retinoscopy Model Eye

Training Model Eye for retinoscopy practice. Includes 4 x Trial Lenses for training

2 x Cross cyl set

0.25 and 0.50 cross cyl set in hard case

4 Lens Plastic Confirmation test

4 Lens plastic confirmation twirl in hard case

Fixation Cube

Plastic fixation cube with pediatric images and "E" optotype.

Black Occluder
Black Occluder

Black occluder with plastic handle

Fixation Stick

Plastic Fixation Stick

Metal Pen torch

Battery powered pen torch

PD Ruler 3

PD Ruler with occluder

PD Ruler with Occluder
PD Ruler with Occluder

PD Ruler with black occluder

Pen Torch
Pen Torch

Battery powered pen torch