OICO  |  Ophthalmic Instrument companY

Professional Trial Frame

Lightweight, fully adjustable optical trial frame

Superview Lens

The OICO SuperView lens is an advanced version of our 90D lens giving an even wider retinal field of view for easier fundus examination.

Ishihara 38 Plate

38 plate Ishihara colour vision book

90D Lens

Excellent low distortion double aspheric lens design with high quality anti-reflection coating.Excellent general examination lens with good small pupil capability.

Meibomian Gland Camera

Digital Meibomian gland imaging system, digital slit lamp camera with integrated illumination ring and supplied with Windows 10 Tablet

Near Vision Chart

Near vision mallet unit complete with polarized visor and remote control.

Digital test chart

Complete digital eye test chart system with 22" LCD and controller tablet.

Portable Lensmeter

Portable Lensmeter