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LM-300 Digital Auto Lensmeter

Precision, full function digital auto lensmeter with UV measurmement, PD and thermal printer

Complete optometry set
Complete optometry set

Complete Optometry student equipment set

Meibomian Gland Camera
From  £600.00

Digital Meibomian gland and ocular imaging system

Digital Auto lensmeter

Fast and accurate digital auto lensmeter

Digital test chart

22" digital eye test chart with controller tablet.

Diagnostic Set

LED Ophthalmoscope and Retinoscope Set with case and USB charger handle

Manual Lensmeter

Internal reading manual lensmeter with prism compensator

Professional Trial Frame

Lightweight, fully adjustable optical trial frame

Progressive Trial Frame

Half eye trial frame, perfect for progressive lens testing.

158 Piece Trial Lens Set

158pcs Trial Lens Set containing 100 sphere lenses, 48 cylindrical lenses, 4 prism lenses and 5 accessories in Aluminium case

Superview Lens

OICO SuperView with wider field of view for easier fundus examination

Near Vision Chart
Near Vision Chart

Near vision mallet unit complete with polarized visor and remote control.

Optometry Instrument Kit 1

Optometry instrument kit with 20 items. Save over £20 on this essential optometry instrument kit.

78D Lens

Excellent low distortion double aspheric lens design with high quality anti-reflection coating. Wide field imaging for general examinations.

PD Meter

Digital Pupilometer for binocular and monocular PD measurement

Portable Lensmeter

Accurate battery powered Portable Lensmeter

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